Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pete's a Pizza & Pizza Night

Last night we had a pizza night. We picked up our books at the library, which included the book "Pete's a Pizza". I read the book to the boys in the car as we drove to the local Italian deli. The boys helped us select sauce, pizza crusts, mozzarella cheese, and everything else we needed for dinner. When we got home the boys made their own pizzas (which they always love to do). As the pizzas baked, dad "acted out" the book on the boys, which included kneading their bellies, smearing "sauce" on them, and sprinkling on the cheese. They shrieked and laughed and giggled and wanted to do it again and again...until the oven beeped. They then sat down and wolfed down their pizzas, and asked if we could have pizza night every night!

Being "kneaded".
It's done!
Mine too!

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