Friday, June 15, 2007

Pressed Flowers.

We have been working on some fun projects that A has helped plan. Yesterday, we started a batch of pressed flowers. We had read a bit about flowers from seed to seed, and so it tied right in.

- fresh flowers/herbs to press
- tissue paper
- book (we used a blank journal with heavy paper)

We went into our garden and the boys collected flowers and herbs in their baskets. I cut tissue paper into rectangles the size of the book. Each boy would place one piece of tissue paper on the page, add a few herbs/flowers, and then place another piece of tissue paper on top. Turn to a new location in the book and repeat. Once you are done, close the book, and place it under something heavy. Let it sit a few weeks, and voila. Pressed, dried, flowers! We'll see how ours turned out in a few weeks.

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