Monday, June 18, 2007


A has been really wanting to write, and has done well learning to write his name, mom, dad, etc. We have a big wooden chalkboard/easel for him, as well as a set including good paper, colored wooden pencils, and his own sharpener and eraser, but he wasn't enjoying writing with either, and he said he wanted something different. He said he wanted a workbook instead.

Let me just say A LOVES "workbooks". He loves those little books of mazes. He loves the sticker books which name every single thing in a theme (tractors, ocean, butterflies, trains). He loves those books with the combo of puzzles, mazes, matching games, and fill in the blank. He hunts for them whenever we visit a bookstore. So we looked together and he selected a write on/wipe off I Can Print book. He has been writing a little bit every other day since then, and has gotten much better with the consistency and size of his letters in only a few days! Definitely a better fit for him right now. And he will still sit happily and sharpen his nice wooden pencils to nubs all day long, just not write with them.

His very first page of trying out his new workbook when we got home from the store.

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