Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cute kids, summer days.

It has been hot hot hot. The boys have enjoyed getting outside in the yard and playing in the water to keep cool. You can see it in their faces - they love these fun, relaxed summer afternoons.

I am NOT a hot weather person - I like it cool and rainy - but I remember how magical summer is for kids -- playing at the park, going somewhere special for ice cream, icy cold sprinklers, cold little pools in the backyard, looking for bugs, hiking, "camping", birdwatching, riding bikes, and all kinds of fun things. So I try to remember to just be, relax, get outside even in the heat (as long as there is shade & sunscreen) a little every day, give them the tools to experiment and have fun with it, and plan special summer treats as we go. It is going to be a fun summer to watch them grow.

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