Thursday, June 07, 2007

First CSA Pick-Up of the Season!

Today was the first CSA of the summer season. We switched to a new farm this year, so that we could be closer for the u-picks, and participate more in other events. Picking up directly at the farm and not just from another member's garage makes it seem more *real* for the boys too, I think.

Pulling up to the farm A noticed the rows and rows of flowers and vegetables. We parked at an outbuilding, and A stopped to listen to the loud tat'a'tat'tat sound of the plastic over the hoop houses frantically flapping in the 35 mph winds. We walked into the barn and he inspected everything. The wash troughs. The chalkboard and checkoff sheets. The big cooler filled to the ceiling with boxes of produce. The box breakdown area. All fascinating.

He helped load everything one at a time into our cooler. Lettuce. Spinach. Rainbow Swiss Chard. Radishes. Scallions. Cucumber. Rhubarb. Frozen Paste Tomatoes. Fresh Basil (I know! In Wisconsin, in the first week of June!). He then helped select the Sun Gold Tomato Plant that we got to take home - and carried it gently to the car. He stood in the driveway for a minute to inspect the area - the house, the barns, the outbuildings, the equipment, the hoop houses - before hopping in.

We had to hurry home as massive storms with hail/winds/tornado's were threatening to hit. As soon as we got back we rushed to pull all of our potted plants up against our house under the cover of our front porch, secure all of our toys, tables and chairs from the wind, and then come in to unload our bounty. A wanted to review each item again, asking what it was and what it tasted like (no, he won't try most of it yet) and how it grows. G just wanted to stick two pieces of rhubarb in his mouth like walrus tusks (where do these ideas come from???), growl, and chase a shrieking big brother through the house. I think that about sums up their personalities!

I can't wait for strawberries.

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