Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Hot HOT!

We went to the botanical garden this morning with our neighborhood playgroup (hi!). We decided to walk the outside gardens with the kids first, since it was already ridiculously hot at 10AM. We didn't last too long outside (did I mention HOT?), and went to the lobby to cool off a little before going inside the conservatory. We walked the indoor gardens then a bit before going back outside for one last assault before hitting the car and going out for a lemon smoothie.

When we came into the lobby from the outdoor gardens there was a woman setting up a display. They place various plant cuttings in a display, attach a card which names the plant (Latin & general), and give a little info. It is then lettered - there is a large garden map which notates where each plant is located! A quizzed the lady just about the entire time she was setting it up. After she was done, we talked a little bit about each plant, and of course his interest in finding at least one is what prompted us to go out in the heat one last time. He wants to take a card with the list and find ALL the plants on the map next time!

I have more pix on Flickr!

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soNOTcool said...

You're not kidding. It is absolutely stifling out there.

I think that the bird in the post below has the right idea.