Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stick Puppets!

Today we made ocean creature stick puppets! The base shape was cut from card stock, and each was decorated, embellished, and painted by the boys!

We set out the supplies, and then worked on one sea creature at a time. Octopus, jellyfish, grouper, moray eel, manta ray.

We taped the stick on the back - and then decorated each item. We used beads, shredded bright fabric scraps, colored pencils, watercolors, glitter paint, and ribbon.

It was a little chaotic, but lots of fun.

As the creatures dried, we setup a "stage" using our shop and some fabric and playsilks.

We sat down and read a bit about each sea creature from our favorite library book of the week as they dried some more, and then they couldn't wait any more and had to PLAY!

A and G put on shows for me...the manta and octopus are friends, but otherwise, they all eat each other. Live action food chain!

I saved the templates for the shapes - I plan to make felt hand puppets out of the shapes for even more puppet fun! !

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Lizz said...

Awesome! You guys are so creative!!