Sunday, September 30, 2007

Apples, apples, apples!

I just love fall. And even with the sunny, hot and humid weather of this weekend we got out and still enjoyed it. Even with the heat the colorful leaves and combines in the fields just seem, well, perfectly fall.

We visited a local apple orchard to pick more apples this weekend with the boys. At only 7 miles from our house, the narrow winding country road, steep hillside, and 1800s buildings make you feel like you have gotten away. The mosquitoes helped us set a land speed record for picking 45 pounds of Jonagold apples in just 15 minutes, wagon hauling included. Sure helps to have 2 excited small boys!

When we got home with our bounty we set up a wash/rinse/bag station in the yard. Apples were checked, washed, rinsed, and bagged. Our process attracted the attention of all of the kids in the neighboring houses, and everyone helped and participated. It was fun. And, each kid got their own apple to munch on as everyone just enjoyed the nice afternoon.

We got started on the apples right away. First, we started apple butter (which takes many hours of simmering to get that nice thick spreadable sweetness). Second, we began a batch of apple cider "syrup" which is YUMMY and sweet on oatmeal, granola, or yogurt. We have plans for our dehydrator tonight too - so that we have dried apples which will be great for home made granola and oatmeal ... The boys have been great helpers and really enjoying all of the fun "appliances"!!!!!


tiff said...

YUMMY...we are so jealous that you are able to go pick your apples off a tree...I think the last time the boys' did that was when they were 3.5 years old on the East Coast.

All your apple recipes sound like fun and will take you into the dark winter months.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, what your sons are learning about the joy of working together to accomplish something good.

It looks like you had great fun--even with the mosquitoes! And please post your apple butter recipe. This week we are taking our trip to Dixon's Orchards.

Jenn Lawlor said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog which led me to yours - I love it :) We have much in common it seems!

The photos of your boys apple picking brings back such fond memories of doing the same years ago as a girl in Ontario, Canada. I used to eat so many apples the day of picking...well, you know what happens when a child eats too much fruit!!

Lizz said...

Please tell us more about the cider syrup!