Friday, September 07, 2007

Fun with modeling clay.

Our inside craft today was with clay. We decided to make little plates. We make pinch pots usually, and they wanted something "different"!

For supplies, we used 2 little ceramic plates as our "template" (lightly oiled so our clay wouldn't stick.). I mainly just wanted something that they could work on that would keep a plate shape even when they were pushing and poking on it. Rubber stamps (lightly oiled also). Small shells. Spiral paper clips...basically whatever I could find that would make a texture or imprint on the clay and was small enough for tiny hands.

I cut slabs of clay off of the block, and placed them on the little "templates". The boys then pushed them into shape, and started stamping and molding the clay.

A started curling his edges, so G did his too.

When they were done, I then placed them up high away from curious fingers until they are dry and hard - probably a few days.

We can paint them when they are dry!

G's with leaf.
A's with starfish & shells.

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Wow! Isn't amazing what little ones can do?

I like both of them. I am a discouraged artist, since I was clumsy as a child. Looking at those little plates, I think I might want to get me some clay and try that myself. Just maybe I'll share a little with N. If he asks nicely. :)