Sunday, September 02, 2007

blood suckers.

Hot, Hot, Hot followed by Rain, Rain, Rain (Flood, Flood, Flood) = Tens of Millions of >>

"There are more than 50 mosquito species living in Wisconsin. And all females of the species require a blood meal to breed. The most notorious mosquitoes come from the genus Aedes-the floodwater mosquitoes. If a pond or riverbank dries up, their eggs can remain dormant for months or years until they again come into contact with water. It takes about two weeks after water is available for the adults to appear, and up to 100 mosquitoes can emerge per square foot of water surface per day in good breeding habitat. More than 60 percent of these adults will migrate approximately 10 to 20 miles from their breeding site in search of a blood meal. Female mosquitoes will live for three to six weeks and can take multiple blood meals during this time."

Yep, that sounds about right.

The boys are a bit shocked by the masses of mosquitoes that have appeared this week. The swarming, the whining, the bites, the red swollen itchy leftovers...up the nose, in the eyes, in the ears. YUK!

We have a few more books coming from the library...I have a feeling we will be discussing them for awhile...

Bzzz, Bzzz!: Mosquitoes in Your Backyard by Nancy Loewen


Unknown said...

They are ridiculous. I got TWENTY THREE (yes, i counted them) bites in about 20 mins the other day. The kids and I were going to stop of a picnic yesterday and as soon as we walked in the grass they swarmed up and attacked. We were OUTTA there.. few new bites added to my collection yesterday. Thankfully only Jason got one bite. ITCH ITCH SCRATCH SCRATCH. 6 to 8 weeks you say... ugh.

denise said...

We had to leave a park yesterday for the same reason. We were there only minutes...G had them covering his whole face. I freaked a bit, needless to say. Our yard is like that too...even though I don't have any standing water. Just the soil is soooo saturated. ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is a bright spot in the draught we are experiencing in Indiana.

I've recently discovered your blog but never seem to take the time to comment. Thanks for the book suggestion. Mosquito's love my dd so we will have to check this from the library sometime this fall.

I recently read a wonderful series by Nancy Loewen about the parts of speech. I thought they were wonderful. My kids aren't ready for them but I will check them from the library again when they are.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Do you know the mosquito song?

"Where do mosquitoes go,
I'd like to know,
In the winter-time?
What do they wear for winter underwear, when the weather gets oh, so cold!
Do the little humdingers sharpen up their stingers, in a warmer climate?
Oh, where do mosquitoes go,
I'd like to know,
in the winter-time?"

Here's wishing that you get an early frost!