Monday, September 17, 2007

Yummy cake, sweet boys.

Well, it is official! I am now 40. The boys worked with their dad to make an amazingly delicious spice cake with maple syrup buttercream icing from scratch for my birthday. They sang, and pranced around, all happy with themselves. They made me breakfast, and A carried it up on a tray. As I ate in bed, they put on a show - singing, dancing, and telling stories. A and G each hand stamped and punched sweet birthday cards for me, and my husband, ever the attentive one, gave me a gift certificate to that amazing fabric store I discovered last weekend. It was quite a lovely day.

Thank you for all of the warm birthday wishes and comments. I enjoyed reading each one.

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Jodi Anderson said...

Oh, yum!

Warm birthday wishes to you!