Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall banner.

The boys have been into stamping and glue lately, so our fall banners were perfect.

We used coffee filters which we cut into leaf shapes - and then colored them with paint and marker as our main decoration.

They also stamped a leaf and pumpkin on the fabric, and glued all sorts of little acorn and leaf shapes (yes, he is wearing his monkey shirt is his favorite!!!).

Everything was done on just natural canvas, which was hemmed into a basic rectangle with a flap at the top to slip in a bamboo rod, and finished with a ribbon to hold it up.

They turned out cute and we can add to them as we go. We plan to collect real leaves, acorns, and other goodies to add to it, as well as to make a streamer of found elements to embellish the sides!

1 comment:

tiff said...

I love the banner idea...I just might have to steal it and do it with my guys! What a great Seasonal activity.

You do such wonderful things with your boys'...they are so lucky to have so many fantastic experiences!

Always enjoy reading your entries.

Tiff in Alaska