Monday, September 03, 2007

Not how I planned to spend my Monday.

A few of you might remember how he had to repeatedly have blood drawn awhile back...both at the Dr. office AND at the hospital, and how neither place could find a vein either time, and had to poke/wiggle the needle around...and how traumatic it was for him?

Well, he remembered. He was very stressed about being in an exam room.

He made it through OK though. Lots of mom & dad snuggles, and a big brother who wouldn't leave his side.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...


What happened?
Are there stitches under that butterfly, or were they able to just bandage it?

I remember once when N. was little and he came in with his hand over his eye and blood pouring out. I was almost afraid to look! Fortunately, he had a cut a little higher than on your boy. No stitches, just a butterfly bandage and then he got a lollipop from the nurse for being "so brave!"

Glad your little guy weathered this one alright!

denise said...

One of our couches has an exterior wooden frame and he was prancing down the hallway with his sandwich and turned the corner too sharply and bonked his head on the corner of the wood. :(

They first said they wanted to do stitches. With his stress level/age that would require GA/sedation, which I am not comfortable doing unless absolutely necessary.

SOOO they checked his eye and face and said there was not any eye/nerve damage - just the cut. A plastic surgeon had checked it out - and she said that while stitches would make the scar a little *smaller*, he was going to have a scar no matter what and that the cut was not so big/deep that avoiding sutures would cause problems. SO long story longer we decided to skip the stitches and they did a glue/tape combo on it instead after they irrigated it and put some glop on it. :)

I have a scar in the exact same place too - from a barrel incident when I was 3 or 4 years old.

Unknown said...

Ah the trips to the ear begin! :( Jason smashed his mouth today and there was a lot of blood, but not ER ... this time. Glad he made it through and I would have done the same... no GA here unless absolutely necessary! Big hugs to you and yours!