Monday, September 10, 2007

Rain, fabric, autumn approaching.

A dark, cool, and rainy day. Fall is hopefully here to stay. I always love the clouds and rain, mixed with some good music and a cup of hot tea, but the boys seem to get crabby. Today is a day for relaxing at home, reading books, painting and coloring, and baking a loaf of yummy bread.

This weekend we took time to be out and enjoy the hot sunny days together. It did feel like the last blast of summer - and while driving we saw corn and soybean fields turning yellow, and the tips of certain trees starting to turn.

I was able to stop in at a quilting store this weekend to pick up some fabric for more of my holiday gift making. So many gifts, just 3 months to go. :) I think I have a nice selection for this next batch of projects.

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Lizz said...

Ooh how wonderful! I love those fall rain days. And holiday crafting and tea and driving in the country... :-)