Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fresh bread.

I know for some, bread machines might not fulfill their bread making craving. There is no kneading or punching down or bowl in a warm corner. But with 2 small boys it is great. We make our own fresh bread usually once a week. With a bread machine it is easy enough for small hands to measure all of the ingredients, pour them into the pan in the correct order, and know by habit where each item goes. And they like to add something extra - ground flax, wheat germ, or oats, perhaps, to make it extra yummy.

They also get to monitor the dough to be sure nothing is sticking to the edges as it whizzes on. And hearing it turn on a few times in the day for the next rise, followed by the amazing aroma of fresh bread throughout the house--well, it seems to be satisfying for both boys (and me). They love seeing their perfect loaf emerge - and to have a slice while still warm, covered in fresh butter and raw honey - Mmmm. Not bad for a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

We are getting a grain mill and a sprouter which I think will be even more fun!


Jodi Anderson said...

Wait. Do I spy Pyrex? Is that a yellow Pyrex princess bowl? I have a bad case of Pyrex Collecteritis. I can't stop buying it.

denise said...

Yep. :) It is from a set of green to yellow pyrex nesting bowls with princess handles. Good eye!! I inherited them from my grandmother!