Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fabric Banners.

I have been making cloth banners for holidays, birthdays and seasonal celebrations out of fun fabric. I like the idea of having something re-usable, and they just have more of an energy and style than those paper things sold at party stores which are also usually then discarded and go off to garbage-land. I am planning on making a few coordinating table items and some napkins, so that I have a little party decoration set for some of the upcoming birthdays, and our seasonal table.

I found some nice 2-sided fabric at a quilting sale, which doesn't unravel or fray at the edges. I cut it into triangles and sewed the pieces onto bias tape. Each banner is about 8' long!


Amber said...

You made my day! This fabric banner idea is EXACTLY what I need (but didn't know I needed) to use as decoration for my son's 1st birthday in a few weeks! I was just complaining to my husband that I didn't want to buy a bunch of cheapo streamers that we'd just throw away, so this is great! Thanks for the cool idea!


Lizz said...

Sweet blog, Mama!

piscesgrrl said...

Wow, I love these - and just might be inspired to try making some. (Craft-challenged, I yam.) Happened upon your blog from another, Madison in the title caught my eye - I'm a UW alum, living in northern IL. Unschooling mama to two - well, one just entered high school. (Last week. *sigh*)