Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beautiful flowers, just so.

Monday and Tuesday mornings we have playgroups where the boys get out to parks to run and play. On those days we take it easy for the afternoon as climbing and running makes for sleepy but not wanting to nap boys. These afternoons are for quiet simple crafts or reading.

Today for our afternoon craft we visited our garden to pick the last blooms of the season. There was a frost around here this week, but our flowers made it through. Both boys pinched and snipped the most beautiful blooms ... well, at first they plucked the bloom HEADS until they realized they needed a stem for a vase.

We came back inside and put the flowers into water as we decorated the vases (The flowers HAD to come first, because their excitement was too great when they heard the plan...SCISSORS!) We took plain clean drinkable yogurt containers and decorated a sleeve.

On kraft cardstock, they stamped designs, painted with watercolors, and scribbled with oil pastels. When done and dry, we wrapped the sleeve around the container, glued it on a little, and tied a ribbon around it.

Each boy then got to arrange their own flowers. By now, the cutting, stamping, painting and water pouring was done, so A wandered off. G, however, being G, carefully selected each flower and placed it "just so" in his vase. He topped off the water, and then placed it on the table for optimum view.
A did come back and dug through the cabinets to find a stainless steel cup for his flowers instead, and arranged his with a decidedly different look. The table is considerably brighter with the two vases of beautiful flowers.

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Jodi Anderson said...

Hey! Send the boys over. I could use a bouquet or two about the house. :)