Thursday, August 16, 2007

CSA Box This Week - And Seed Collecting.

Today our CSA box is full of the super summer goodies. Red & green lettuce, romano beans, summer squash, eggplant, several varieties of red peppers, colored carrots, broccoli, brusselini, yellow onion, sun jewel melon, watermelon.

And yes, that is a shattered golden watermelon in the photo. My 4 year old helped carry it into the house with great care. As I unloaded the cooler, I heard a loud sound...I asked what happened and went to the living room to see it shattered on the floor and A lying UNDER the couch. He said he was "testing gravity"...lovely.

This week we had lots and lots of rain, but we did manage to bring in some seeds. A didn't mind helping with the herbs, but wasn't thrilled about the smell of the peppers as we retrieved the seeds. He has tested a few of the dill already by sprinkling the heads around, and has a bunch of new green shoots to show for it (boy the bunny loves baby dill). What he wants is to squash a pumpkin to save the seeds...he has 2 random pumpkin plants out front in the bushes that are from his squashed pumpkin "experiment" last fall, so I have a feeling we'll have many more showing up next year!


K E Fleck said...

LOL - testing out gravity, I love it!

Your CSA haul looks so yummy, every color of the rainbow! Delicious! :-)

Best Wishes!

Bug's mom said...

Yeah, you've got to love the gravity experiments...

denise said...

I know - it was all I could do to keep from cracking up when he said that...tried to put on my gentle but serious face, "Well, what did you determine?"

He replied "That things like watermelon break when they don't even fall very far.That's not very useful. And why are they so round and rolly anyway?"