Monday, August 20, 2007

Embellishing canvas shopping bags.

I have been experimenting with embellishing plain canvas bags with felt and fabric creations - in my quest for personal and useful holiday gifts for this year.

Giving just a plain canvas bag to use for grocery shopping/whatever doesn't seem too unique, hence my experiments with shapes, styles, machine sew vs. hand embroidered...and so on.

For the apple bag, I sketched out and cut felt shapes to make an apple tree - laying it out on the bag helps determine scale.

Pin the items together, and hand stitch the main piece using embroidery floss.

When done, position the piece on the bag and pin - embroider the piece to the bag using more floss...

...almost done with the apple bag...and working on a machine sewn version using fabric instead of felt...and an abstract art version. :)

1 comment:

K E Fleck said...

Genius! I really love how this turned out - so cute!

Wishing you dry weather .... Best Wishes!