Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rain, rain...

Wow. We are "dry" here (relatively speaking) - looks like nothing will happen here at home - but what a crazy week for southern Wisconsin!

The rain has left us a few surprises - in the garden, our corn has completely tipped over with the downpours, but the beans are happy, I have absolutely no idea about the tomatoes (so muddy & buggy I have only picked what is in pots), and herbs & peppers want heat & sun, but they will recover.

We had broken the record for rainfall in August already earlier this week, and tonight within only 1/2 hour we had an additional 2.25+" of rain. Yes, more. And more rain forecasted overnight, and they are estimating some parts of southern Wisconsin could get another 6+" of rain by Friday! WOW.

Unbelievable - so many stories, so much to absorb and think about.

Sad, sad, story today from this latest storm.

Organic farms in the area suffering massive losses.
"Only California has more certified organic farms than Wisconsin, and more than a third of the Badger State's 994 organic farms are in the five counties where rivers and streams overflowed." (Um, "overflowed" seems like an understatement here, eh?)

I could link 100 stories here - it is big to see, and the boys know things are happening, as the weather channel talks of hurricanes and flooding in between our local checks. We keep it positive, but all the talk has led us to some weather reading this week.

We have read several books on weather, and have a large chart that the boys can use to select what they believe the weather for the day will be (guessing rain, huh?). We have researched a bit about the Hurricane Hunter aircraft and how it takes measurements inside hurricanes, and have kept track of the hurricane satellite images as it moved through the Caribbean. All interesting, and we plan to do a few crafty "experiments" as this rain continues a bit longer.

And what is forecasted for Sunday at this point? Sunny and warm. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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