Friday, August 10, 2007

CSA Box This Week, Preserving the Harvest.

I brought home my bounty of veggies today from the farm, washed them, and took a photo. After putting the boys to bed I intended to post my weekly CSA info. BUT. I was sucked into Live From Abbey Road on Sundance - tonight one of the featured artists was Damien Rice (#1 | #2 | #3). I have enjoyed his music for awhile, but live performance is something else. I was blown away by his stark simplicity and his raw emotional complexity (and his singing partner - wow). Yes, diametrically opposing ideas. But the melancholy beauty took my breath away and I had to watch his segment repeatedly, and then had a deep and lively discussion with my left brained husband about creativity and calculus and how our brains work and the spark that sometimes occurs with musicians that makes something more than just another song and how while some people may feel and hear the tiny bits and fractions of music, others may feel and know numbers or concepts or math. Very interesting evening!

Hmmm, back into the CSA mindset and what was in our box this week? Ah, it is coming back to me! Wax beans, 3 types of peppers, a tomato, cilantro, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and garlic!

We have been preserving the harvest of everything we are not using weekly for our CSA (which is not much), and of course, our garden. I have had out the dehydrator this week and have made several batches of sun dried tomatoes, lots of dried herbs, and even dried peppers. That, combined with our homemade yogurt, bone broth, ice cream, and my new experiments with lactic fermentation make me feel like we are progressing with our food choices, and really taking more full advantage of what there is locally. And having the boys "help out" with picking, washing, and rotating the drying trays means they are interested and participating in all of this too (now if they would only eat it!)...we have even let a few of our herbs "go to seed" and have saved the seeds for later, or have re-planted. Fun stuff. From seed to seed, such as a melody to a song.

AAAAAAAAnd, this weekend we are going berry picking - YUM!

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