Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Painting with ice.

Today we did a fun hot weather project. It was very overcast and yet bright today, so my images are a bit off, but you will get the idea! :)

I took a ice tube tray and filled it shallowly with water. I added food coloring drops to make a range of shades, and then froze it.

We went outside (highly recommended) and placed water color paper on a non-staining table (find something to weigh the paper down). I broke each color up into chunks, and the boys placed the ice on their paper.

They let the cubes melt a little...

...and then they couldn't contain themselves any longer, and pushed around the ice, the liquid, and moved the paper around to get streaks and designs and all types of shapes.

Let the paint/water soak into the heavy paper and dry!


K E Fleck said...

Great minds think alike! :-) Altough, I think you guys had the perfect ice cube trays for this little experiment - much more like crayons for little hands, I'm thinking. Care to share where you found the tray?

Best Wishes!

denise said...

My husband found them at the Dollar Store. They are meant to make ice for water bottles. We are trying to make our own cheese, so we bought them for freezing starter culture...but I commandeered them for the colored ice (I have a few more trays of colors in the freezer)!

So not only did we both do the ice cube art in the same week, I see you also made the paper sunbox awhile back - so did we! ;)