Sunday, August 26, 2007

Warm sun, blue sky, nice day.

Today was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. It felt like summer again! My 4 year old has been asking to go back to a particular children's science museum, so we took a little road trip today. The boys are at the ages where they are at a different stage every visit - and so always find something new and interesting.

Today ... they played with an air cannon -
Listened to different sounds -
Piloted an airplane -
Learned the hand signals and controls to operate a crane -
Hosted a tv show -
They also made pizza, routed water in a flood plain, gauged strength, played with internal organs, tested different types of ramp speeds, experimented with balls floating on air in tubes, built a fort, watched a tornado, made giant bubbles, and so, so much more (oh, and had a fun time together)!

This museum also has a massive outdoor play area, so as always we played outside - sliding, climbing, clanging bells and gongs and pipes, digging up a dinosaur, going down into a cave - it was nice to be outside and feel the warm sun again.

OH! And we saw the most amazing lego art - incredible - check it out!

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