Saturday, August 11, 2007

Look mom, no training wheels!

I don't know of many things more exciting than watching a child's joy at a sense of their own accomplishment. A, who is 4, loves riding his bike, and many an evening is spent in our carriage lane with several other kids on our block riding back and forth until bedtime.

A few of the older kids have, of course, eventually learned to ride without training wheels, to which A took great notice. Each time he has asked to try to ride with them off, my husband will take them off, give him a little push, and let him ride until he wants them back on. Over the past few weeks, this has happened more frequently, and now he is a comfortable rider without them, and even taught himself how to start (so no more pushes!), and to brake. Turning...well, that takes some practice, and to watch him focus and be so clearly thrilled at each step he does what he set out to do is so amazing to watch.

I have so enjoyed watching the natural, comfortable process...taking his lead, letting him go at his own pace, all at his own doing and request. And to see him SO focused and excited about it is cool.

Today we went to get him a kickstand - since he says he must stand his bike up with one now that he doesn't use training wheels - and as soon as it was installed he happily stood the bike up on it and took a look, before putting it up and riding off!

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