Wednesday, March 16, 2011


With some sunshine and a bit of warmer air we have new visitors (and the regulars) to our yard and feeders. There have been a few others who don't want me taking photos of them. Ahem.

We have camera and bird book always close at hand, and the boys have been dragging out the binoculars!

A sure sign of spring.



Francesca said...

Hello! Why don't you come and visit us too? :)

ali said...

Lovely birds! The kids and I recently put our a few feeders, birdhouse gourds and last year added a bird bath. We are ready for the birds to find us! (Garden stuff) (Homeschool Stuff)

Tara said...

Watching the birds this Spring has been such a nice way to slow down and decompress. You've got a lovely variety that visit you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! So jealous of all that variety you get. I don't know why but we seem only to be able to attract juncos and morning doves. My daughter has those two birds down though!