Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter Wonderland?

Wow-what a weekend! We had a whopper storm - lots of snow, then lots of ice, then rain, then more snow and wind. Yesterday we had a white wonderland, and by evening, our world was dripping long frozen strands of icicles, our windows were sheets of ice, and the snow pressed down heavy and hard. During a lull in the storm last night we heard a noise -- our neighbor from the end of the block was snow blowing the front sidewalk for everyone on our side of the street (including up to our doors)...he was afraid the snow was so heavy someone would get hurt. We could hear each neighbor opening their door to yell out a very heartfelt THANK YOU as he passed.

We all went out early this morning (with everyone else in the neighborhood) and shoveled our small but oddly steep and slippery driveway out to the alley. The boys had their own shovels and pushed and shoved, but the heavy ice laden snow was a bit much for little people. They threw their bodies down on the ground frantically waving arms and legs to make snow angels, only to find themselves fully supported by the hard ice, leaving NO marks behind. We finished shoveling and playing and chatting with neighbors, and came inside for warm cider - only to watch the alley snowplow (finally) come through and shove waist high massive boulders of snow and ice in a line along all of our shoveled driveways. And then it rained more, and then it froze. I think we need some heavy equipment to get out of our garage!

With all of the excitement outside, we stayed pretty cozy. We did many fun crafts - candle rolling, wood ornament painting, tissue paper window decorations.

We also had fun in the kitchen-- we baked gingerbread cookies and corn bread, and made a huge pot of chili. And of course many hours were spent playing in the snow, playing games inside, and cozying up to read the stack of new books picked up from the library Friday. A nice weekend!

Anyone else stay home due to the storm this weekend?


tiff said...

beautiful...all of it!

we need some of that snow...rick is mushing on fun!

love all the shots of the guys...they look so sweet & definitely enjoying every minute of the crafting and cooking!

Lizz said...

Lovely snow. I think it's magic, sheer magic to be snowed in. I love it when we think we are in control and mother nature says otherwise!

The eggshell picture is so sweet. I had green laying hens-they live at my friend's now. I miss the eggs. Just brown and whites at the moment.

Anonymous said...

What--no dirty dishes? You live in a garden INSIDE your home.

Jodi Anderson said...

We are still snowed (iced?) in here. I did a good job with my walk while it was coming down, so that is dry and tidy. However, the end of the walk, where the plow went by is frozen and high and very intimidating. Also, the car is parked out back and completely snowed/iced into its spot. My husband is out of town and I have no clue how I'm getting out of here. Many hours of back-breaking work, I suspect.

Still, I love winter and cold and I'll take this over hot weather ANY DAY. :)

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Happy winter! I am glad to hear that you have weathered the storm well.

That last picture of your son's face near the broken egg shells is absolutely beautiful! You have a knack!

Chole White said...

Weather around here never ceases to amaze me. 50 miles difference and look at how much snow you got! We had only one round of the white stuff and since it's been alternately dripping and ice. Our backyard is like a skating rink from the porch to the garage and back. ~Weeee~!

denise said...

Chole--yes, we got 6 inches of snow, then solid ice on top. You cannot even step on the snow--it is so thick and slick - just like you said - an ice skating rink. No playing in it or snowmen or snowballs, that is for sure. Solid ice! Lots of hacking with a garden hoe and spade to try to get the cars out.

Jodi--Did you ever get out? :)

Lizz, Tiff, Elisheva--G LOVES the colors of the local eggs we get. The woman has so many breeds, so it is a rainbow. Whenever we bake, he sneaks the shells off just to gaze at the colors. :)

Karen--There are always dirty dishes. Doesn't mean it still cannot be a garden (the boys grow fast!). :D