Friday, December 28, 2007

Wood Crafts.

The thing I love most about snowstorms and vacation days is everyone is home and cozy. Lots of games, crafts, and family. We are just mere inches away from the snowiest December ever in our area and we just might make it. I shoveled it, I know.

Having family come the weekend after Christmas means I can have a few extra days to wrap up the crafting and sewing. Today we finished up some plaques for Oma and Opa who are coming to visit tomorrow. I also finished a scarf in my sewing which ended up as "extra" after evaluating how many gifts I had actually sewn, meaning, wow, something for me (never happens)!

For the plaque, I painted the base of the letters, so that all the little nooks and crannies were covered - with acrylic craft paint. The boys each painted the base of one plaque, and then with added some iridescent gold for some depth, and some shading and stripes (stripes with help) for texture. While the big wood pieces dried, we added some darker watered down colors to the letters for some shadow and then gave them a little iridescence too. After it all dried we used wood glue to apply (dries clear) and then applied 2 coats of non-toxic water based varnish. They are cute, and I'm sure Oma and Opa will appreciate the little guy touch. I think the boys did a great job!

Since my husbands' family speaks German, we wrote "Wir (heart) Oma/Opa" - Wir meaning We.

We also made some yummy peanut brittle--look!

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

How pretty! I keep saying someday..but you what they say about that word!

We had our snowiest December last year. Although we have had some good snow, so far, this New Year is not shaping up to be like last year's, when we got record snow. Still, we are enjoying a cozy day by the fire as the temperature is hovering around 25 and the wind is gusting at about 30 MPH. A good day to have indoor fun!