Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Linen Scarves.

I found this lovely fabric several months ago. I couldn't bring myself to cut into it, and so it has been hanging up for me to look at until I knew just what to use it for. Today I finally took the plunge and made it into two scarves. I think these will make nice gifts for two particular relatives of mine. The linen is so soft and the stitching so colorful - I hope they like the fabric as much as I do. And...bonus...my twitchy sewing machine didn't leave behind massive balls of knots today, but worked perfectly. Ahhh.

A wanted to model one too--as he saw me having a time getting the right angle on myself. A bit big for him, but he wears it well!


live4evermom said...

Beautiful fabric indeed.

Lizz said...

Very nice. I'm a sucker for nice scarves and linen.

Jodi Anderson said...

Really lovely fabric. Such a nice find!

Tara said...

The scarves are lovely!

My husband tells me a sewing machine is in the every near future.... I hope I can learn how to use it!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Ooh, I really like that fabric.
It makes a lovely scarf. It makes me look forward to spring!