Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More Snow!

MORE SNOW! For me, only when the cold comes, the days are short, and the snow drifts climb and climb up the sliding glass door until they can be measured by body parts (past the knee! to the waist!) do I feel energized to decorate, bake, or make gifts for the holidays.

This afternoon the flakes went from big and lazy, drifting in circles, to heavy snow and a thick blanket of white. We popped popcorn, decorated our "weird" tree, made a few more candles, and watched birds at our bird feeders while sipping warm cider. We went out to shovel a bit after it got dark, and A ran circles around me shrieking and being silly, kicking and spinning and catching snowflakes in his mouth, eyes and hair - this isn't the sheet ice be careful can't run in it snow, this is big soft fluffy play in it snow!

Our pine cone bird feeders seem to be most popular while it is snowing. We have had visits from one particular bird for a few days, and so today we took some pictures, looked it up in our bird book, and found information online.

Of course while reading about what birds might visit a winter bird feeder in Wisconsin, A discovered a link to turkey vultures, which are particularly fascinating creatures. His big fact of the day is that when startled, adult and juvenile turkey vultures projectile vomit as an attack mechanism to scare away predators. L.o.v.e.l.y. We had to reserve a few books from the library to learn more. :)

This is our "weird" tree that the boys decorated today in our craft/play room. They picked the spot and hung the ornaments. I love our collection of cow ornaments (we are in Wisconsin after all). This one is udder-ly fantastic!


Lizz said...

I'm loving your tree pictures.

Thanks for the snow. lol The thing I miss the most about it (besides it being ALOT cleaner than all this mud) is the quiet-snow quiet!

Anonymous said...

I love your "weird" tree!

brianna said...

all that snow is just insane, i can't imagine. we went out in shorts and shirts again, i feel like my kids are definitely getting jipped out of that magical white winter feeling. it looks beautiful!

Jessica said...

Beautiful shots on this site. I hope you'll play, I've tagged you to play 7 weird/random things about yourself.

I love erading here about the snow, we have yet to get any!

Mrs. G. said...

This post puts me in the spirit for sure. Snow, kids, decorating Christmas tree...lovely. What wonderful photos. Thank you.

APRIL said...

Wow, the snow is gorgeous! I'm not envious though! I prefer warmth like here in Texas. I would like to visit where it is snowing once in a while though! It is beautiful!