Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Favorite Thing.

I hope you all had a nice extended weekend. While we were basically snowed in at our hotel over the weekend (forecast changed significantly after we arrived there...too late!) we still had fun. Lots of swimming and board games - but we were very happy to come home.

We have been snuggled in at home since we got back. Reading, playing games, assembling puzzles, bird watching, and baking (and of course gifts and family). We had a nice day with my mom and sister and will have many more relatives coming next weekend.

The boys have a new favorite - a wood tree house filled with all kinds of fun things and occupied by a gnome family. The gnomes also have a few special animal friends which arrived just in time from this creative family - the moose seems to get into trouble and needs rescuing and the "wise turtle" heals everyone. I think the dog just barks (a LOT!) but is best friends with the two gnome children. The boys have played and played together for hours on end, chatting away.

Well, I'm off. My dual roles of hedgehog and wise turtle are being requested, and I just can't say no.


Lizz said...

We're always very pleased to see kids playing with our creations.

denise said...

They are so beautifully made and the boys love them. :)

tiff said...

omg...what a lovely tree house...i want one...the pictures are so lovely as they are not filled with PLASTIC toys that so many christmases are filled with...just beautiful and natural!!!!

enjoy the rest of your holiday break.

saskia said...

I love the treehouse, and I recognize those cutie animals! THe moose looks like trouble, hee hee

Anonymous said...

don't say no.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I love the new favorite thing! It looks like marvelous fun. I can see why you'd rather play your dual roles than spend much more time on the computer.

The hotel you stayed at looks cozy and fun in the snow. It's fun to read about your mini-vacation!