Friday, November 30, 2007

Beeswax Tapers.

The boys have been enjoying cozying up inside a bit more in the colder weather -- we get to read more, do more crafts and "projects", and make and bake in the kitchen.

Yesterday we made hand-rolled beeswax candles and decorated them with sheet beeswax. The boys did really well at the punching and cutting out of shapes, and rolling the candle (with a little help from mom).

Beeswax sheets
Wick (we used a "kit" which had both sheets & wick)
Beeswax sheets for decorating
Small cookie cutters or punches (fondant cutters are just the right size)

With little hands, we also used a wood hammer to help cut out the shapes from the wax, but bigger kids could do it without.
Wax paper or cork to cover table if they are hammering shapes

Cut shapes out of the decorating beeswax. We had stars, suns, and moons. I also cut out shapes and strips with scissors for them.

Follow the directions for the rolled candles...basically insert wick, roll tightly, pinch at burning end, trim other end of wick off.

Decorate the taper. Warm fingers will make the pieces of beeswax adhere.


It looks like a weekend full of cold, snow, ice, and wind -- so games and stories by candlelight with family sounds just right...maybe with a cup of warm cider and a fresh scone. Mmm.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

The candles are cute and the expression on the little guy to the right's face is priceless!

I hope you are doing alright with the ice, wind and snow! Keep war,

brianna said...

those are fantastic! gotta add that project to the list. great blog mama!