Sunday, November 04, 2007

Glowing in the dark.

This weekend we tried something new. My toddler was having asthma issues the last few days running and playing outside, so we picked an indoor activity. We ventured north a little bit to a bowling alley which had shoe sizes all the way down to toddler. Lightweight balls. Retractable bumpers. Glow in the dark pins. The boys had a blast. A had the scoring system down in no time, was adding up *his* points compared to ours, and was the only one of us to get a spare (yeah, well, carpal tunnel means mom & dad are lousy bowlers). G would NOT let us even TOUCH *his* ball. Would not let us carry it. Look at it. Breathe on it. He did great squatting and pushing it down the lane.

And this bowling alley just happened to have one of these too (among other things):


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Lizz said...

This makes you a cool Mama.