Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pine Cone Bird Feeders.

Today we finally sat down to do a craft we have been talking about for awhile. Pine Cone Bird Feeders. It is messy and so extra fun for the little people.

Supplies: pine cones, string or pipe cleaner, ribbon, organic peanut butter mixed with margarine or a little corn meal), bird seed.

Tie a twistie loop at the top of the pine cones. Mix the peanut butter with the margarine or some corn meal so it isn't too thick/sticky for the birds. Let the kids spoon or dip the pine cones in the peanut butter mix, spread, and then dip into bird seed. Loop the ribbon through the hole and hang on your tree. We are excited to see who will first discover our special treat.

We have one of these to make it even more fun:

Birds of Wisconsin Field Guide


Jodi Anderson said...

Darn. My comments have been getting eaten here. Aargh.

Anyhow, we have the same bird book. I also collect vintage field guides (birds, insects, etc).

denise said...

I have had a few problems leaving comments on blogger since yesterday too - they seem to be having "issues". hopefully they will fix it soon. I've been trying to remember to "copy" before I publish in case (like just now--this is my second try), but forgot once or twice. Blech!

Today is the day for the article. it is online now and heard it will be in afternoon edition of paper.

I love vintage bird/bug books. I have a stash in storage, but haven't added to my collection in awhile.

Oh - and I found out about another craft show at Lazy Janes (the wisconsin etsy group)::

The First Annual WIST Holiday Trunk Show. Saturday November 17th, 5-9PM @ Lazy Jane's Cafe (1358 Willy Street). WISCONSIN ETSY STREET TEAM-buy handmade, buy local.

Lizz said...

Super cool!

tiff said...

Okay...Your boys' look like they are having too much fun...what a great idea before winter sets in...we have instant bird feeders...20 of them...any leftover food droppings in the dog bowls...the ravens and grey jays come-a-swoopin' in! Survival of the fittest! YIKES!

Aimee said...

I just googled "pine cone bird feeders" and was so delighted to find your blog!! I have a homeschool/preschool coop that is coming to my house next week and wanted to do this with the your photos and ideas! Can't wait to read more!