Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The octopus costumes for Halloween re-sparked interest in everything sea creature - specifically, octopus and squid. A had me put several octopus books on hold through the library and we picked up the first batch last night.

This morning we found some octopus printables for him to color. He also wanted a notebook set up with the words octopus and squid so he could practice writing them, and then he asked to do a painting. At A's request, I drew a base sketch of an octopus on watercolor paper, and then the boys painted away. A selected blues to look like a Caribbean reef octopus photo he liked, and G liked a photo of a giant Pacific octopus, so chose reds.

We of course also had to pull out our sea creature stick puppets again and have a few shows!

Here are our three favorite octopus books of the day (and there are more--see the list to the right):

Octopuses and Squids by Mary Jo Rhodes

Octopuses, Squids, and Cuttlefish by Trudi Strain Trueit

The Amazing Octopus by Bobbie Kalman

Lots of fun for a cold windy day inside!


tiff said...

Oh you gotta love the octopus...what fun to be in the sea in November...love the watercolors...your pictures are so vibrant...and your children look happy!

Lizz said...

Octopuses are super smart-they can open jar lids! They have been known to escape aquarium tanks and roam around. And totally bizarre, almost alien like! I love them too.

Nice work kiddos!

denise said...

They are cool, aren't they? A's favorite YouTube videos are of the octopus - an octopus opening jars/doors, videos of camouflage in action, and of course, a video of a 600 pound octopus making it through a hole the size of a quarter or so. Wow.