Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Library Bag.

I finished the first of many library bag gifts yesterday. This first one is a bit smaller - not for the guerrilla warrior library haul like we have each visit - but for the person who picks up just a few books. The straps are long, which I like, and there is a pocket inside for a library card.

This will be given with a good book tucked inside.

I plan to sew several of these for gifts - of different sizes, some including a media pocket.


Lizz said...

Cute. I like it alot.

With us, 7 people, 5 of them KIDS we have to bring a roll cart and it's an workout checking out. So I appreciate your humor.

My daughters would put their cards in the pockets and a snack, water bottle, a fairy, some yarn, something to write on, a feather...great for all of that too!

Sally said...

I am totally digging this idea! I wanted to make one for my DD who turns 7 in a couple weeks. Nosy Rosy here: is this a pattern you came up with? What is a great (simple!) pattern?

Beautiful! There are only 3 kids in our tribe, and one can't even walk, and we have bags that sound like yours! We wear, or drag, those bags with pride, though!

tiff said...

What a great idea...and perfect to put a nice book inside for a gift.

Oh the materials you could use for each personality...sounds like you will be busy!

Ah...rolling cart, rubbermaid tub or a giant basket...maybe we should put some nice fabric liner in those items...giggle :)

denise said...

Nice to see there are other library addicts on here! :) My husband tries to keep us going 2-3 times per week to pick up our pile regularly (I request almost everything online) - so we only have to pick up 20 or so max per visit. But we use the wheelie cart quite often too! hee.

I just "made up" the pattern-since it is a basic bag. I tend to work with however much fabric I have. This small bag I rounded the corners so that it has a nice shape, and I folded the outer fabric lower than the liner so that it has an "edging" on top. I have a stack of beautiful fat quarters that I will make sets of the smaller bags from, so that keeps them all the same size in that batch.

We love bags too - the boys have a craft bag, a park bag, a nature walk bag...basically we make bags from remnants whenever we can. They like to keep their treasures and snacks close at hand! :)

Sally said...

my middle daughter would love your guys (and you!) -- she is a Little Bag Lady! If there is ANYTHING we can't find, it's likely to be in one of her bags! I am new to sewing, but I want to make her one (One can never have too many bags!).

Lizz said...

This is funny!-

Ah...rolling cart, rubbermaid tub or a giant basket...maybe we should put some nice fabric liner in those items...giggle :)