Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Wow. My little guy is 3. Three years since the magical day he joined us.

We had a fun day. A raucous song when we woke up, a special gift, and little notes tucked into secret places. We baked his favorite star sugar cookies (his special request!), and decorated them with star and moon sprinkles. A special lunch with dad. And an evening celebration with cookies, gifts, songs, stories, and snuggles. A lovely day for a lovely boy.

He is such a spirited, lively, creative, dynamic force. Happy birthday sweet one.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, and he looks like he has enjoyed every minute of his three times around the sun!

Happy Birthday!

Lizz said...

Happy Birth Day to your little guy and you too Mama!

Jodi Anderson said...

Awwww, happy birthday to your guy.

Yesterday, before my husband left town, he stopped by my grandmum's house and picked up a copy of the Capital Times she has been saving for me. ;)

AnnMarie said...

Hi, it's my from Oshkosh again. We have something else in common: My daughter turned 3 last Thursday! Happy birthday to yours! And what's the thing in the third picture with the round colored pieces sticking off a central pole?

denise said...

AnnMarie-Hello again! :)

It is a wooden marble sounding tower. I found it at the Yule Fair we attended at a local Waldorf school. My little guy couldn't stop playing with it when we came upon it in the school store and kept asking to go back.

Both boys love it, and my oldest has already been trying to figure out why different sized wood makes different tones. Interesting! :)

Here is the info on it:

tiff said...

Birthday smiles...giggles...joyfulness is just what a home needs...Happy Birthday to your 3 year old!

Oh how I loved 3 years old with my guys!!! :0)

Sally said...

Happy birthday, and to you, too! mothering is a magical thing!