Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let it Snow...

The snow is here. Our first *real* snow of the season - we have had a few flakes, but nothing on the ground yet. It is thick and lush and flying around with the wind. I love the snow. We could have 4 inches by morning - the boys are going to be so excited! And, I have to admit in an odd guilty pleasure other people will think it is weird sort of way, I LOVE to shovel snow...let it come.


tiff said...


we have plenty of shovels here and plenty of snow to be shoveled...ha :)

it is sick and twisted...but it is good exercise...we ended up shoveling our entire of driveway last year, as we didn't know anyone to plow it and we couldn't afford a snow there we were with shovel in hand getting all the snow off the driveway so the oil truck could deliver to our tank...UGH!

the lights look awesome with the snow falling...I love this time of year!

Happy Turkey Day!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

We also finally got a real snow. I love it too!

AnnMarie said...

Hi! I just started reading you blog because I live in Oshkosh. I had to respond to this post because I love snow, too. Whenever the first snow comes (unless I'm sleeping) I rush outside. Usually, I dance around in it, too. My husband called me at work this year and I fairly ran down the hall and up the stairs (I work in a basement) to see it! I always loved shoveling snow, too. However, it's paled a bit as I get older (35 now) and DH bought a snowblower this summer. Since he's the SAHD and actually has the time to deal with the snow, it kind of makes sense. But I'm still hoping to do some light shoveling regardless! :)