Monday, November 26, 2007


We have been doing so many fun projects over the past week, it is hard to decide which to blog about! Today we took the chestnuts we got at the farm over the weekend, and the boys wanted to glue glue glue! They dipped the end in glue, then dipped it into glitter.

We let them dry, and then I strung them on embroidery floss. It is a short garland (they want to expand it after we do some pine cones tomorrow), but it is lovely!

Of course G loves to glue and glitter, but also just likes using the chestnuts for counting. Today he took his 3 wooden bowls, and counted, re-counted, sorted, divided, and arranged the chestnuts.


Lizz said...

I love the counting and sorting.

I have been chowing down on chestnuts here. I love them just roasted and warm.

tiff said...

The chestnuts look beautiful all decorated with glitter!

Oh and the sortying stage is so much everything in the house has to be sorted and counted...giggle :)

I love the garland festive.

denise said...

I love the counting too, especially ... "fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, ninety-nine, twenty!"