Monday, August 01, 2011

bits of summer.

This has been the summer of hot and humid. It seems to be never ending - but we try to enjoy it in short spurts.

The boys had found water balloons when out shopping and so wanted to try them. I know - they have done them before, but it has been a few years.

So we filled and filled and filled (all parents know water balloons take ridiculously long to fill, and only moments to burst). The goal was to get wet and stay cool but neither one got a hit - both from aim and dodging. :)

But I think the point of water balloons is the idea of them, more than the actual thing, don't you think? Squishy cool balloons. Blinding sunshine. Slivers of shade. Throwing. Dodging. Cold water. Prickly dry grass. Hot concrete under bare feet. Coming into cool inside air after getting so hot running around.

Bits of summer.


Lisa said...

lovely bits of summer! water balloons are the best! are days have been foggy and cool. no water balloons here, unfortunately!
have a great week

Helena said...

Lovely, Denise. What a delicious description, and I just love all the photos ('specially the ones with the balloons in mid-air). Mmmm. What a beautiful Bit of Summer you shared!

(And it's very funny they didn't get wet!)

Shady Lady said...

What fun! We've got water balloons around here somewhere...where did I put them?

Stephanie said...

We're awfully fond of them 'round here... but we like regular balloons - they're bouncier and last longer! :)