Friday, August 19, 2011

friday wanderings.

Today we hit the road to visit a state park about an hour away. We planned to spend the day exploring, playing at the park, climbing the towers and have a picnic. After a long drive we passed the park entrance check in and found ourselves in the middle of yellow buses, full shelter, and at least 100 kids plus supervisors. Day camp field trip. Needless to say, we couldn't stay as there was no room (it is a very small state park, there is only the one play/shelter area). As we drove right on past the park/shelter area, we saw 50 kids marching towards the east tower and 50 kids marching to the west. We didn't want to drive SO LONG for nothing, so we tried to zip quickly to the lookout tower so we could get up for the view before we were swarmed. The kids heading to the west tower had a whole field to cross, so we zipped over, and skipped to the tower steps.

These lookout towers are pretty cool - and - very very high and slatted worn wood and little wood rails at the top. A and I are very afraid of heights and A made it only halfway up the very very high see through wooden steps before heading back down.

Once G and Brice were at the top and waved over, A decided to take one more shot before the huge line of kids in matching t-shirts arrived.

We didn't look up or down and rhythmically stepped to the top. I walked right behind him. He made it! Once on top A and I hugged the center railing while G had no qualms about skipping to the very edge (!). I about passed out, but I surely wasn't going to stand at the bottom for something like a palm sweating world spinning anxiety producing fear of heights. ;)

We looked at the amazing view and took some photos...and when we heard the footsteps below, we hurried down (not wanting to be on the top of a freaky high rickety wooden tower with 25 or so kids). Perfect timing.

We obviously couldn't stay at the state park so we had to find another spot. We ventured right down the highway to try a county park we had not visited in years.

It was fun!

It is a really small park, but nice and quiet and the view is absolutely amazing. We hung out, read all the historical markers, played in the playground, messed around with the GPS, and had a great time.

Did I mention the view was amazing?

From there we kept wandering the rural roads heading back into town slowly but surely. It ended up being a nice day - and I think we will head back to that state park when all the kids are back in school, when we can enjoy it.

Happy Friday!


Sam said...

I'm with you on the heights-thing - especially open stairs! *shudder* Well done for making it to the top :-)

Love the swing photos.

Joy said...

It looks like it turned into a fun day despite the change of plans. And the view looks amazing. :)

Kelly said...

Beautiful...I have been a thinking a tour of our state parks here in Maine is in order starting this fall ~ we'll see how long it takes to hit them all! (48!)

Jennifer, in Vancouver said...

Oh my goodness - I am so with you on the need to escape the daycamp crowds! We have them around here too and it''s one of our summer pet peeves. Glad you found a place that worked in the end!

Stacy @ Sweet Sky said...

Sounds -- and looks!! -- like a wonderful day!

I had to laugh about the hordes of kids in t-shirts. Homeschooling has really spoiled us -- we're used to experiencing parks on our own with friends, or with other homeschool families. Finding places filled with kids on field trips often shocks me.. I always tease myself and exclaim silently, "The nerve of these kids! Showing up at a public park!" :)

I am sure other people wonder what all the "big" kids and grown-ups are doing when they stumble upon a homeschool park day!

Glad you found some nice spaces to explore...


Tara said...

Great views from the top there!

I am anxious for the crowds to clear out too when public school begins ;)

Amy Bradstreet said...

Me too on the heights and on that type of structure, especially. I know that sweaty palms feeling as well as the one where I don't want to miss anything. Good on two for making it up there! Gorgeous views and day.

Anonymous said...

damn groups of kids anyways. always ruining it for the better people - all of us.