Tuesday, August 02, 2011

steaming up.

I went outside to take some pictures of a beautiful sunset. It was so hot and humid that my camera fogged up instantly, and no matter how long I stood there and waited it just wouldn't clear. I took photos anyway, looking at the foggy burned look I got in the viewfinder.

I watched the whole sunset, and saw the orange ball fall below the horizon. The birds and insects screamed, the houses quiet, the concrete still hot under my feet. I think I'll leave it at that.


Francesca said...

that's some hot and humid weather!

Helena said...

Magic, Denise :)

Tara said...

These capture the hot, steamy end of the day so well - foggy camera lens is a nice effect!!

Hope you get some relief soon :)

Shady Lady said...

Well it certainly made for some cool looking photos!! I hope you get some relief soon...

Stephanie said...

So hot that it was steamy!

We've had wonderful weather here, I'm chagrined to say... highs in the low to mid eighties! :/

I love the green and purple header! Just beautiful.
And the steamed pics, too. :)