Monday, August 15, 2011


A & G came to me last week and asked if I could sew them luma plushies. After finding out what a luma is, we got to work. They googled and found a pattern for me to use.

We then hit the local fabric shop where they picked out their fabric, stuffing, thread, and felt for the eyes. Ready!

I sewed and cut and stitched and stuffed - with help from the boys, of course.

It is a decent pattern, so the result was...luma plushies!

They turned out great and now my guys have decided to put me to work making them a full rainbow of luma - I think I might need a thimble! :)


Stacey said...

They look so wonderfully squishy.

Tara said...

These little guys are adorable and very able to be snuggled!

Stephanie said...

:) They're darling, Denise!

(And was it a nice break from the kitchen???)

Francesca said...

now I know what a luma looks like! :)