Thursday, April 28, 2011


The weather outside has been frightful! COLD! We have been cozy inside, busily crafting and making, drinking warm lemonade, baking things. Trying to keep warm and energize ourselves even in the face of dark wet days and freezing temps.

I am behind on garden planting because it has been so freakishly cold. I broke down and transplanted out a few flats that just couldn't stay in their small trays any longer. That cleared more lighting space for some extra flats of greens. If it is going to be this cold outside, then I am going to garden INside.

We have several trays of microgreens and lettuces about ready to harvest. They have grown under the grow lights for a few weeks. This includes mixes of spinach, arugula, chard, mustard, endive, mizuna, mache, radicchio, red leaf, beets, radish and a few other extras. They are fantastic tossed with fresh sprouts and a home made ginger sesame dressing. YUM.

I also have many trays of things I started which I usually direct sow but with the temps am holding off on (I tried some things, but no germination). If I get a few weeks inside I can have a head start when it finally warms up!

The tomatoes and peppers are getting bigger and today I potted them up - soon they will be window sitters too and make way for cucumber, melon and squash flats.

Trays of herbs are growing - and 30 or so seedlings from the trays that couldn't go outside had a change of plans and have now been potted and reside on my windowsills, to live until the sunshine and warmth come. It is nice to have fresh herbs - they are not huge yet, but big enough to snip leaves for dinner.

I plan to keep starting trays of greens every week. If predictions are right we will have an unusually cold May too - and I will have fresh herbs and home grown salads anyway. So there, spring. Or whatever you call yourself (insert loud raspberry).



Flo said...

You have fortitude, woman! I have to say though, the raspberry is my favorite part of this post. :)

brianna said...

You are a green gardening goddess! Way to go woman, we have nice weather and not a single thing planted. I'm ashamed of myself. ;-)

denise said...

Brianna - If we had been having nice spring weather I probably would be behind - busy OUTside instead. But we have been stuck inside day after day after day!!! 8-}

Flo - Mine too.

Stephanie said...

Yup! That will do.
The pots are lovely!
It has to warm up eventually, right?

Doesn't it??
After the snow tomorrow, maybe. :)

Shady Lady said...

You are BRILLIANT! I love that you are not letting it get your gardening down. Grow, grow, grow! And everything is doing so beautifully inside. Sending you warmth...wait, I don't really have any to send. We're unseasonably cold, although warmer than your part of the country.

Erin said...

Okay, you've got the same weather we do, how does that work when we're 1000's of miles apart in opposite directions?!

We've been hovering in the single digits celcius for weeks, and when we get a warm day, it ends the next day with a drop in temp and rain. So yes, the inside gardening is where it'a at. Thank goodness for that!

Your starts look so healthy and vigorous! It can't be long now...can it?

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

I love all the green! Poo on Spring for not making her appearance! We're really tired of the cold weather. Blech!

And now I'm officially behind on starting my seeds...however, I've been thinking of getting my starts at the Madison Farmers' Market this year (just to change things up a bit).

mb said...

i love seeing your beautiful indoor garden! i too have been hearing predictions about may being colder than normal too, so i haven't been super duper pumped to plant anything out yet. i'm actually cobbling together a cold frame right now, in hopes of bringing at least SOME stuff outside soon to pretend it's warm enough, and getting some makeshift covers made for that too. and for now, the babies are biding their time on windowsills. :)

Francesca said...

I'm very sad when the weather robs me of springtime.

Sam said...

We've been having some warm (not sure how long it will last) so I'll waft some over.
I love all your greenery. Inside your home is just going to be wonderful :-)

Unschoolers Rock the Campground said...

You have inspired me for years with your micro greens. This is the year for us, I know. May have to pick your brain a bit.

I'm sorry your Spring weather isn't cooperating. You do seem to be making the best of it, though. I have to say I love, love, love to have growing things in my home.

Josh said...

Your indoor garden looks divine. I noticed that you were using Florecent grow lights inside. I use LED lights and they tend to give a little more that the Flos.