Monday, May 02, 2011

happy may!

Is it? Could it be? Spring? We had a weekend that felt like early spring. Not really like the first weekend in May, but I'll take sunshine and chilly but not completely freezing any day! The boys even had a few hours of shorts before the cold breeze convinced them pants were in order.

We had a weekend of being outside. State park and a flooded lake for scooping with nets and casting. Playing on the playground. Walking the boardwalk.

Watching wildlife. (I'll just stop right there, and skip past the swarms of flying insects, screaming children running to car sobbing, bugs in eyes, up nose, swallowed!!! ;)

We had a car ferry ride (no bugs!) and drive through small towns.

Lots of basketball in the alley. One on one, with dad, with neighbors, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Some more garden transplanting.

Nerf battles when they needed to come inside to warm up for a bit.

Fresh home made tortillas and lemon loaf.

Swings and climbing and walks.

Just how weekends should be. Happy May!



Amy Bradstreet said...

Oh good, I'm so glad you all got a beautiful spring weekend, finally! We love weekends like that. That lemon loaf, mmmm...

Stephanie said...

Thank God.
Thirteen cheers for May!!

Sam said...

Yay for May sun - next comes the warmth too :-) Pity about the bugs!

And that lemon loaf looks delicious.

Francesca said...

Sounds lovely. I could do without our bugs here too.:) Happy May!

Helena said...

YUM. All of it, the happy children, the sunshine, the play, and that lemon loaf!!! Oh, I want to come over this minute. :)

Happy May to you, too!

Andrea said...

I have to agree, that lemon loaf, yummy! Yeah, the bugs, really sort of annoying, but glad that it is finally warm enough for them to come out! Here's to more SPRING!

Tara said...

Happy May to you all!

The lemon loaf is making me hungry.

Owen has been driven inside most evenings lately from the hoards of black flies..... comes with the territory!

denise said...

There are spring bugs, and then there are the lake flies. This area usually gets them much earlier and we went not realizing they were late this year. People actually go to this lake just to drive along the shore and watch their car get swarmed and entirely covered. I noticed bugs but we were staying by the playground away from the water - and then the boys took off full speed for the beach. I couldn't stop them or keep up and suddenly they got close enough to get swarmed. LIterally screaming, sobbing, swatting, choking...I was covered all over my head running in for a rescue. I think people must have thought they were dying. It was horrible. We even picked bugs out of G's eyeball hours later.

The sad thing is the boys now refuse to go to any lake/pond. And they have been freaking out anyway since mosquitoes were so bad last year and now refuse to go anywhere and want to stay home. :( Crazy!!!!

Shady Lady said...

What a fabulous weekend...minus the bugs. I hate bugs. :-/

Unknown said...

wonderful to be out. our warm weather came and has decided to retreat for a little longer. the rain is keeping us snug.

those tortillas look like the real thing! what's the recipe?

Julie said...

Yea! May is finally here:) And it finally feels like spring too, even though we woke up to snow on saturday;)

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

denise said...

Oh yeah, we had some sunshine and then the past two days have been freezing. Even some snowflakes this morning! But as long as there is some sun every few days, we are 'bearing' it! ;)

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Happy May to you too!

Sure wish the warm weather would come back. It feels like we skipped summer and went straight back to fall! (have I said that before? I kind of feel like I've said this a dozen times lately! LOL!)

Bugs? Eep! Haven't had any out here, thank goodness!
I did just see my first hummingbird yesterday afternoon! Woo Hoo!

Melissa said...

Yay for spring! Boo for bugs! Layla is a complete nature lover- snakes, frogs, worms- all wonderful. But bugs- I'm not sure if you are too far inland, but do you get Canadian soldiers (sometimes called Midges, I believe) in the summer? They come off the lake and completely cover sides of buildings here in June. Blech.

Maiz Connolly said...

I love that first picture on the swing. Gorgeous!