Monday, December 10, 2007


I love seeing the pile of completed gifts getting higher - the things hanging on my craft room wall, the items lined up on my windowsill, the little bags hanging from my bookshelf - all completed. Along with the bigger coordinated things (zip wallets & library bags, etc.) I have also been making smaller items, such as door & drawer sachets. They are very easy to make, are small and work perfectly for the fabric scraps in such abundance from all the gift making, and are a nice addition to a gift box.

I have been making a few types - the most simple of which is a square bag, with a ribbon, which hangs over a door handle.

First cut two 4.75" x 5" pieces. Right sides facing in, sew 3 of the sides, leaving one of the shorter sides open.

Stuff it with your potpourri mix and some poly-fill or wool. I like to make my own scented mixes, which you can do by buying unscented base and then adding your own essential oils. Many spice and craft stores have this, or there is always the amazing San Francisco Herb Co. which has everything you could imagine to make your own. Using bagged scented potpourri would work fine too. (Essential oil on rice would also work!) I like to add some fill with the potpourri, because otherwise it sinks to the bottom or is lumpy. By using about 1/3 potpourri and 1/3 stuffing, it has a nice even shape (and is more manageable when sewing the top shut). Leave yourself some head room when you stuff, so you can sew the top shut.

After stuffing, fold the top in to make a clean edge, inserting a ribbon (about 8-9" long) in the seam. Carefully machine sew the top closed. I run it twice to keep the ribbon snug and prevent edges from opening.

It is done! It hangs over the doorknob and scents the room or closet!


Anonymous said...

Dreaming is nice, but as you show us every day, the doing is what makes the difference.

Aimee said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial! I can't wait to make some of the rice/EO idea too.