Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Keeping Warm and Busy.

Our snow is still here, but it isn't the kind to play outside in. No snowmen, no snowballs. It is all a solid sheet of thick ice, not breaking even under grownup feet. The cold has settled in, so no meltdown is in sight for awhile. Today we expect 3-5 more inches! We have been taking advantage of our time inside to make more gifts, make up silly games, and clean/organize a bit.

Yesterday we made tissue paper transparencies - they look so nice in our windows!

I have also been sewing whenever I can. 20-30 minutes here and there adds up and I have been getting a bit done! More bags, drawer sachets (cinnamon spice-yum), wrist wallets, journal covers, and gadget covers. Whew!

The boys have been making more batches of soap with me too. It is fun to experiment with different add ins, scents, and combinations. They smell so good. The only problem is A wants to keep them all!


Jodi Anderson said...

I am really hoping that the snow comes late today. We have to drive to the city for guitar lessons (at MSFAC), and I really don't want to have a death-like grip on the wheel the whole time.

I did chisel my way out yesterday. Literally. X used a small spade and I used a pitchfork to break away the icy snow.

Aimee said...

I would love to hear more how you make drawer sachets and journal covers...have you blogged about those before? I am new to sewing and would love some fun simple ideas!

Lizz said...

Great crafting you guys.