Monday, December 31, 2007


My posting is slow this week - not because of some wonderful family outings or a planned break from blogging or anything, but because I have a cold. A first had it (mild) and we desperately worked to keep G from getting it (my little asthma guy). Of course that means I got it. I rarely get sick - once a year MAYBE, and in this house we haven't even had a cold bug since last April. But here it is. It didn't help to have a sick 4 year old sleeping on my head. Ah well. Any respiratory/sinus bugs tend to hit me hard if they in fact get me at all, so while everyone else is pretty happy, my head is about to implode.

I'm working on some posts about our crafts, the new year, and some other projects we are planning. Fun stuff. Soon!


Jodi Anderson said...

Awwww, feel better soon, Denise!

Sally said...

I'm thinking about you! But, you have those gorgeous seed books and those darling boys! This will be our first year growing things and I have just begun looking for good seed co's. I found Seeds of Change; what others are good to check out?

Anonymous said...

I feel for you Denise. After we fight such the fight defending our kids, we inevitably succumb. That's when I realize I need to stop treating sickness as an adversary and just be sick (cough, cough). Tis the season.

Lizz said...

Fell better!

We too are under it. They tend to hit us on holidays and it often goes through our whole house. Toby and I just pray that we aren't sick at the smae time, therefore someone is feeling well enough to run the house. The bugs are bad here in Oregon, they seem to thrive in the mild wet climate. Ugh!