Monday, October 24, 2011

into the world of audio.

My boys have never really enjoyed children's museums. But science museums? Love. And I love having a family membership. Because no matter how often we go, there is always something new to look at even if the exhibits don't change.

The older they get, the more they focus on the details, they stand and read the screens, or move to areas they were not that interested in before. This trip we spent time in some of the familiar places. They love the robotics, flight simulator, aquarium and submarine. They love the bed of nails, the energy independent house, the touch tanks, the large ship hanging from the ceiling.

And then we ventured into the audio/music area for the longest ever this weekend. We banged and played and watched and listened. We made music. We made noise. We saw sound. And we learned about sound and the history of audio recording. While they still don't really care about the Les Paul guitars (Who is Robert Plant? Why is a signed guitar behind glass?), there is a lot of cool stuff in there. Keyboards, guitars, drum machines, funky interactive music consoles, sound wave generators. Not to mention a recording studio.

Like mother like sons.


Ingi said...

That's so cool to see them develop and change and have new interests!

Anonymous said...

we are the same. we LOVE the Melbourne Museum of Natural History and go as often as possible and NEVER get bored. there is always something (re)discover :)

Tara said...

What a terrific resource for your family ~ the exhibits look like so much fun. Owen never enjoyed children's museums either - he was always perplexed at why he should want to "play" bank teller or make believe he was a cook in the restaurant they had set up.

More into facts and info. I guess!!

denise said...

Cyndi - We love the Milwaukee Public Museum too (Natural History Museum). They have Snake Day in 2 weeks and the boys look forward to that ALL YEAR! Can't wait until they can handle longer drives - Chicago has a fantastic Natural History Museum that I know will wow them with its size. I love that we can rotate between the natural history and science museums in Milwaukee and never ever get bored with them.

Tara - Exactly!

Bug's mom said...

Ooh. We LOVE Discovery World, but don't get there often.

Stephanie said...

I've probably told you a hundred times (okay - at least six) that I'm so envious of your science museum!!
We have a new one that's an art/tech/science thing, but I haven't been yet, and I don't know how hands on and interesting it will be for mine. I'm a little worried that it's gonna be kind of look at/listen to a lecture (for school field trips) sort of thing. We'll see!
But our favorite museum, the Utah Museum of Natural History (now called the Natural History Museum of Utah :) is opening in its new huge eco building in a few short weeks!! woohoo! can't wait! :) It's been closed for over a year, and we miss it!