Monday, October 03, 2011


My guys were a bit under the weather all week with colds. We had some dark rainy days, which were perfect for curling up on the couch, reading and snuggling. They were feeling better this weekend and so we were able to get out for some beautiful fall color and country drives. We also got to play with some new toys.

They are boys. We often find ourselves with remote (or solar) powered robots or cars, balsa wood airplanes and gliders, fancy kites, or ... anything that flies or drives fast!

The helicopter actually flies better indoors than out, which will be perfect for winter!

Back to healthy boys, back to our routine, back to ... fall!


Tara said...

We're following in your footsteps here ~ Owen is down with a cold and we are in our third day straight of grey, rainy, raw weather. Boooo..... :(

The helicopter flying looks like an awesome way to enjoy the clear fall weather!! Enjoy!

Francesca said...

we also got the first colds of the season:(
my middle boy like to make paper planes for his little sis - the day we move, we'll finds tons of aircrafts missing in action behind the bookcase!

verdemama said...

We found the coolest pirate ship kite that had been floating around in our belongings for years, but was very complicated and had no directions. We finally took the time to puzzle it out and untangle it, and the girls were off and running, cheering on its flight for a long while. They also love paper airplanes. That helicopter looks like good fun.