Sunday, August 01, 2010

on the water.

I know from experience that some of the strongest memories can be from the smallest moments. For me the thoughts of summer evenings brings memories ... of car windows down in the dark and music on the radio ... the smell of campfires and sparks that swirl up into the air ... and probably most strongly, of pink and orange sunsets reflected in water. I have always lived near water and have been drawn to it.

After a very fun but whirlwind week the boys were just done - tired and irritable, bickering, worn out. So we decided to head out for a sunset drive in the hot summer air to get something cold and creamy - and find the water.

We drove, listening to loud music with the windows down, the hot steamy air blowing in, the insects chirping so loudly. As we drove we had glimpses of an orange ball peeking through the trees.

We pulled over into a tiny parking lot, and the boys ran down the hill to see what was down there...we entered a little woodsy opening and came out on an orange beach right as the sun was setting.

The whole lake shimmered in orange and pink and purple. The boys threw rocks, and watched the sun set.

As soon as the sun dipped, clouds of mosquitoes seemed to rise from the ground and surround us, so we held hands and sprinted back up the hill, giggling and racing, to head home - feeling much more grounded and together again. Ready for the week.

G told me, "Some things we remember forever, even if they are little." I agree.


tiff said...

this is what summer is...this is what connection is!

love this post and the photos!

but i don't ♥ the mosquitoes...smiles!

Stephanie said...

a perfect ending to a busy week -
and a gorgeous beginning for the next!

Lo said...

What a great way to end your week -- in community with your family & nature. Love it. Thanks for sharing :)

Yarrow said...

How sweet and special. G is a wise young man. Blessings.

Sonja said...

This looks so beautiful! It really is the little things.

If your interested check out my new blog..not much now but more to come.

abbie said...

Those pictures are beautiful. What an amazing moment.

Vinniƫ Rodrigues said...

Nice blog
Beau... photos
Very good this post
a hug!

Dawn said...

That sounds like a good memory, minus the mosquitoes. ;) Your photos are beautiful. I love it when the sun makes everything look orange, but I always have a hard time capturing it with my camera.

Tara said...

You captured such a beautiful setting in your photos and an equally beautiful sentiment from your sweet boy.... yes, the little things sometimes make all the difference.

Francesca said...

I love the incipit of this post. So true.